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What is " Setup.Exe "

"Setup.Exe" is mostly identified as a safe file.

Summary :
Spyware lib found following issues in this file:-
  • 33 File entries found in software
  • 26 File entries found in different company(s)
  •    Found to be safe       Found to be a threat
    The file "Setup.Exe" is known to be created under the following filenames:
    This file can also be found at following location(s) (can also be found with different file name(s)):
    %homepath%\desktop\access2mssql sync v1.3.2\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\access2mysql pro v5.7.1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\access2mysql sync v4.5.1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\access2postgresql pro 1.71\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\access2postgresql sync v1.5.1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\balloon tooltips .net 2.2652\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\bygraphviewer 1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\doc pointer visual read me\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\file rescue plus! 3.0\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\gatherinfo suite 2006 1\gatherinfo_v2006_setup\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\i-fetch 1.2\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\photo-essence photobrowser 2\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\table animator 1.1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\uagencryptionlibrary 1.0\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\ucontrols glassbutton 1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\vimap 1.1\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\winformresizer for .net 1.1 2\setup.exe
    %homepath%\desktop\xsizer 1.3\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ (x86)\microsoft visual studio .net 2003\common7\tools\deployment\msiredist\1033\msiloadr.bin
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\barcode\setup\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\ocr\setup\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\ocr\vs2003\csharp\bin\debug\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\ocr\vs2003\vb\bin\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\ocr\vs2005\csharp\bin\debug\setup.exe
    %programfiles%\ocr tools\ocr\vs2005\vb\bin\setup.exe
    This file is found in the following Company's Product(s)
    AYU Technology Solutions LLC
    Bill Koukoutsis
    BYSoft Inc.
    CREA doo
    DMSoft Technologies
    EConTech JSC.
    Fengari Software
    File Innovations
    Firetrust Limited
    InOz Inc
    Microsoft Corporation
    Photo-Essence Software
    ScaleOut Software Inc.
    SkySof Software
    Software Shelf International Inc.
    Synthesis Group
    Tuukka Salonen
    Valeri Vlassov
    WebSupergoo Software
    WordTel Communication

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    1. %homepath% Refers to the windows current user's profile folder. By default it is 'C:\Documents and Settings\[user]'
    2. %programfiles% Refers to the program files folder. By default it is 'C:\Program Files'
    3. %systemdrive% Refers to the windows System drive folder. By default it is 'C:\'

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