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What is " UNWISE.EXE "

"UNWISE.EXE" is mostly identified as a safe file.

Summary :
Spyware lib found following issues in this file:-
  • 135 File entries found in software
  • 93 File entries found in different company(s)
  •    Found to be safe       Found to be a threat
    The file "UNWISE.EXE" is known to be created under the following filenames:
    This file can also be found at following location(s) (can also be found with different file name(s)):
    %programfiles%\ (x86)\yahoo!\messenger\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\ableton\live 5.0.1\install\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\ableton\live 7.0.1\install\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\acereader pro deluxe plus\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\acoustica mp3 audio mixer\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\acoustica mp3 cd burner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\active data recovery software\active undelete\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\advanced disk catalog\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\advanced karaoke player\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\all cleaner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\all popup remover\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\aluria security center\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\av vcs 6.0 diamond\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\av vcs 6.0\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\b-coder professional\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\bearshare applications\bearshare\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\bulksms messenger\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\coffeecup flash firestarter\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\coffeecup password wizard\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\coffeecup pixconverter\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\coffeecup web calendar\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\coffeecup web form builder\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\freezip\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\gif animator\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\coffeecup software\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\com+ manager\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\computer inspector\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\cyberscrub backup\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\deductionpro 2005-06\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\east-tec backup 2006\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\easy dvd cd burner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\easy music cd burner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\easy tv free\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\easymail smtp express\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\ectaco\partner dictionary for pocketpc (enpl)\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\edge diagrammer\unwise32.exe
    %programfiles%\free window sweeper\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\group mail\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\imesh applications\imesh\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\intelligent converters\demos\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\intuit\quickbooks enterprise solutions 7.0\components\qodbc\unwise32.exe
    %programfiles%\k media center\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\lan icu\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\lavavo software\lavavo cd ripper\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\lazy mail\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\lock my folder\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\magic notes\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\mb free janam kundali\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\musicmatch\musicmatch jukebox\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\mystik media\blaze media pro\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\mystik media\contextconvert pro\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\net2soft\magic mp3 to wav converter\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\numediasoft\nmsdvd burning sdk for .net trial\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\numediasoft\nmsdvd burning sdk-activex edition trial\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\panicware\sureclean professional\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\paraben's lan charter\unwise32.exe
    %programfiles%\parallelgraphics\cortona sdk 4.1 demo\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\polyphonic wizard\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\print workshop\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\privacy and registry cleaner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\progesoft\progecad 2008 pro eng\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\quest software\sql navigator 5.5\tuning_lab\backup\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\remobjects software\data abstract for .net\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\remobjects software\data abstract for delphi\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\remobjects software\hydra (common)\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\remobjects software\oxygene\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\shareaza applications\shareaza\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\smart dvd cd burner\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\sms server\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\the weather channel fw\desktop weather\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\the weather channel fw\desktop\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\the weather channel fw\framework\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\timecurve software\timecurve scheduler\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\total 3d home\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\user manager pro\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\webroot\pop-up washer\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\weight by date pro\trial\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\wisdom-soft screenhunter 5 free\unwise.exe
    %programfiles%\zone labs\zonealarm\mailfrontier\unwise.exe
    %systemdrive%\acereader pro (server)\unwise.exe
    This file is found in the following Company's Product(s)
    Ableton AG
    Accessory Software
    Acoustica Inc.
    Asteta LLC
    AVnex Ltd
    Babylon Ltd
    Binary Magic
    CDE Software
    Cerious Software Inc.
    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd
    CoffeeCup Software Inc.
    Computer Zone
    CyberScrub LLC.
    Cyberspace Headquarters LLC
    Cybration Inc.
    Degang Mu
    Discordia Ltd
    DTLink LLC
    EAST Technologies
    EasyByte Software Corporation Ltd
    ECTACO Inc.
    Elcomsoft CO Ltd
    Eskil Software
    eWorld Technology Ltd
    GoUpSoft Inc.
    GSMActive Pte Ltd
    HandR Block
    iMesh Inc.
    Individual Software Inc.
    Infacta Ltd
    Intelligent Converters Ltd
    Intuit Inc.
    Itusoft Computer Solutions
    Keve Zoller
    Lavavo Software
    Lieberman Software Corporation
    Likno Software
    LSoft Technologies Inc.
    MAG Softwrx Inc.
    MagicISO Inc.
    Merit Software
    Microsoft Corporation
    Musiclab LLC.
    Mystik Media
    Nielsen Software Enterprises Inc.
    Numedia Soft Inc.
    Pacestar Software
    Panicware Inc.
    Paraben Corporation
    PicsAlive Pte Ltd
    progeSOFT sas
    QKSoft Inc.
    Quest Software Inc.
    Quite Healthy Technologies
    Raize Software Inc.
    Rashid Abdulai
    RemObjects Software LLC
    Smart Projects
    SmartCell Technology LLC
    SoftComplete Development
    SpeedBit Ltd
    Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
    StepWare Inc.
    Strategic Applications
    SwapDrive Inc.
    Systweak Inc.
    TAL Technologies Inc.
    TechSmith Corporation
    The Coding Workshop Limited
    The Weather Channel Interactive Inc.
    TimeCurve Software Inc
    Topdownloads Networks
    Webroot Software Inc.
    Wisdom Software Inc.
    WS Designs
    Yahoo Inc.
    This file is found in the following Software Application(s):
    Ableton Live
    Access to MySQL
    AceReader Pro Deluxe Network Edition
    AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus
    Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer
    Acoustica MP3 CD Burner
    Active@ UNDELETE
    ADMLink System Managment Suite
    Advanced Disk Catalog
    Advanced Karaoke Player Decoder
    All Cleaner
    All Popup Remover
    Aluria Security Center
    Archive XP 2003
    AV Voice Changer Software
    AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
    B-Coder Pro
    Blaze Media Pro
    Camfrog Video Chat
    Coding Workshop Polyphonic
    CoffeeCup Flash FireStarter
    CoffeeCup Free Zip Wizard
    CoffeeCup GIF Animator
    CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008
    CoffeeCup Password Wizard
    CoffeeCup PixConverter
    CoffeeCup Web Calendar
    CoffeeCup Web Form Builder
    COM+ Manager
    Computer Inspector
    ContextConvert Pro
    Cortona SDK
    CyberScrub BackUp
    Data Quik 5
    DigiMode AutoSurfer
    Download Accelerator Plus
    East-Tec Backup 2006
    Easy DVD Clone
    Easy DVD Rip
    Easy DVD Ripper & Converter
    Easy DVD Shrink
    Easy DVD to DivX/VCD/SVCD Converter
    Easy DVD to DVD Copy
    Easy DVD to VCD Burner Pro
    Easy DVD/CD Burner
    Easy DVD-Video Copy
    Easy Music CD Burner
    Easy Photo Recovery
    Easy TV
    Easy Video Convert
    EDGE Diagrammer
    EnSharpen Video Codec
    EZ Save Flash
    Free Window Sweeper
    FuzzySearch Library
    Group Mail
    ICUII Video Chat
    Intensive Care Utilities
    K Media Center Decoder
    Knowledge Xpert for DB2
    Lavavo CD Ripper
    Lazy Mail
    Lock my Folder
    Magic Disc
    Magic MP3 To WAV Converter
    Magic notes
    Magic UDF Burner
    Magic UDF Burner (C/C++)
    MB Free Janam Kundali
    MusicMatch Jukebox
    NMS DVD Burning SDK for .NET
    NMSDVD Burning SDK-ActiveX
    OnTime Biometric Time Clock
    Paraben's LAN Charter
    Partner Talking Dictionary English-Polish
    Photo Frame Show
    Picture Organizer
    PMView Pro
    Pop-Up Washer
    Print Workshop
    Privacy and Registry Cleaner
    progeCAD 2008 Professional
    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    Raize Components
    RemObjects Data Abstract 'Vinci' for .Net
    RemObjects Data Abstract 'Vinci' for Delphi
    RemObjects Hydra for .NET
    RemObjects Oxygene
    ScreenHunter Free
    Smart DVD/CD Burner
    SMS Server
    SMS Tools
    SMTP Express Standalone Email Server
    Source Code Spell Checker
    SQL Navigator
    SureClean Professional
    SwapDrive Backup
    Systweak New Toolbar
    The Ultimate Troubleshooter
    The Weather Channel Desktop
    TimeCurve Scheduler
    Timeless Time & Expense
    Total 3D Home
    User Manager Pro Suite
    Vocabulary Fitness
    Vocabulary Stretch
    Vocabulary Super Stretch
    Weight-By-Date Pro
    Windows XP
    Yahoo! Messenger
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    2. %systemdrive% Refers to the windows System drive folder. By default it is 'C:\'
    3. %windir% Refers to the windows root folder. By default it is 'C:\Windows'

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