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What is " lame_enc.dll "

"lame_enc.dll" is mostly identified as a safe file.

Summary :
Spyware lib found following issues in this file:-
  • 92 File entries found in software
  • 58 File entries found in different company(s)
  •    Found to be safe       Found to be a threat
    The file "lame_enc.dll" is known to be created under the following filenames:
    This file can also be found at following location(s) (can also be found with different file name(s)):
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{09c0b682-8b5c-413e-8734-2424c2254b56}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{10b52df4-25b9-4046-bd51-cc5812c516db}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{1b0cc100-80e7-4108-844f-6244f1fcfcc1}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{470858ea-1b94-4ed0-929c-e207f121b2c0}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{49954044-bc6e-433b-913c-efed995dab6a}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{64a0954e-c825-46b6-8e03-8f2dba3129d1}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %allusersprofile%\application data\{ada0c4b2-3647-410a-8607-422c2a83d9c3}\offline\ifgmgcvecaiouiresleedlinsiffff0\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\a4 video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\absolute sound recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\absolute video to audio converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\advanced audio recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\altdo avi to wmv dvd converter&burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\altdo convert mp3 master\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\altdo mov to avi wmv dvd converter&burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\altdo mp4 to avi wmv dvd converter&burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\anewsoft video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\arial audio converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\arial sound recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio converter express\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio convertor plus\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio edit magic\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio editor deluxe\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio editor gold\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio record edit toolbox\ac\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio record edit toolbox\cg\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio record edit toolbox\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio recorder for free\ac\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio recorder for free\cg\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio recorder for free\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio recorder pro\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio recorder titanium\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\audio studio gold\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\avi mpeg video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\avone\avone 3gp video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\avone\avone iphone video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\avone\avone ipod video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\avone\avone video converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cheetah burner\cheetah cd burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cheetah burner\cheetah dvd burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\common files\avsmedia\activex\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\common files\movavi\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cool record edit deluxe\ac\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cool record edit deluxe\cg\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cool record edit deluxe\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\cool record edit pro\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\digital audio editor\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\digital music station\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\digital music studio\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\easy audio editor\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\easy hi-q converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\easy music cd burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\focus mp3 recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\free audio pack\free cd ripper\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\free easy burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\free mp3 sound recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\free sound recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\gold wave editor pro\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\gold wave editor\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\imesh applications\imesh\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\internet radio recorder\system.dat
    %programfiles%\ipod music converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\irecordmax sound recorder\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\magic audio converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\magic audio editor pro\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\magic music factory\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\magic music studio pro\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\magic music workshop\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mcfunsoft audio editor\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mcfunsoft audio studio\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mightsoft\ez audio converter\dll\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\movavi video converter 5\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\movavi videosuite 4.7.1\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mp3 audio converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mp3 audio recorder\dll\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mp3 music editor\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mp3 wav converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\mp3-ogg-wav-wma converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\music editing master\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\music fan's factory\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\naturpic audio cd burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\naturpic audio toolbox\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\newlive all media to mp3 converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\recording to ipod solution\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\smart dvd cd burner\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\softdiv cd ripper\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\softdiv mp3 to wav converter\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\video capture convert split merge burn studio\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\video converter plus\lame_enc.dll
    %programfiles%\xingtone\xingtone ringtone maker\lame_enc.dll
    This file is found in the following Company's Product(s)
    AAT Technology LLC
    ABest Software Inc.
    Absolute Software
    Altdo Software Inc.
    American Shareware Technologies Inc.
    Audi-Factor System Inc.
    Audio Recorder Pro
    Audio tool
    AudioEditMagic Soft Development Inc.
    AudioEditorDeluxe Inc.
    AudioRedo Software GmbH
    AudioTool Inc.
    Auvisoft Inc.
    AVS Media
    CDH Productions
    Cheetah Websites Corporation
    Color7 Technology Inc.
    Cool Audio Ltd
    CoolAudioSoft Inc.
    CoolMedia LLC
    CoolRecordEdit Inc.
    DanDans Digital Media
    Digital Smart Inc.
    Digitalmusic software
    EZ SoftMagic Inc.
    Gold Wave Editor Soft Development Inc.
    GoldMedia CO Ltd
    iMesh Inc.
    Joshua Software
    Koyote Soft
    MagicVideoSoftware Inc.
    McFunSoft Inc.
    Mightsoft Co. Ltd
    Mp3AudioRecorder Software
    Mystik Media
    Naturpic Software
    NCT Soft
    New Live Software Inc.
    NextLevel Software
    Online Media Technologies Ltd
    Roemer Software
    Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd
    Sonic Solutions
    Xrlly software
    This file is found in the following Software Application(s):
    A4 Video Converter
    ABest WMV Video Converter
    Absolute Sound Recorder
    Advanced Audio Recorder
    Altdo AVI to WMV DVD Converter&Burner
    Altdo Convert Mp3 Master
    Altdo MOV to AVI WMV DVD Converter&Burner
    Altdo Mp4 to AVI WMV DVD Converter
    Anewsoft Video Converter
    Arial Audio Converter
    Arial Sound Recorder
    Audio Converter Express
    Audio Converter Plus
    Audio Edit Magic
    Audio Editor Deluxe
    Audio Editor Gold
    Audio Record Edit Toolbox
    Audio Recorder for Free
    Audio Recorder Pro
    Audio Recorder Titanium
    Audio Studio Gold
    AudioAlchemy OGG
    AudioAlchemy WMA
    AVI MPEG Video Converter
    AVOne 3GP Converter
    AVOne iPhone Video Converter
    AVOne iPod Video Converter
    AVOne Video Converter
    AVS Capture Wizard
    AVS DVD Player
    AVS Video Converter
    AVS Video ReMaker
    AVS Video Tools
    Blaze Media Pro
    Blaze MediaConvert
    Cheetah CD Burner
    Cheetah DVD Burner
    Cool MP3 Mixer
    Cool Record Edit Deluxe
    Cool Record Edit Pro
    Dexster Audio Editor
    Digital Audio Editor
    Digital Music Station
    Digital Music Studio
    Easy Audio Editor
    Easy Hi-Q Converter
    Easy Music CD Burner
    EZ Audio Converter
    Focus Mp3 Recorder
    Free Easy Burner
    Free MP3 Sound Recorder
    Free Mp3 Wma Converter
    Free Sound Recorder
    Gold Wave Editor
    Gold Wave Editor Pro
    Internet Radio Recorder
    iPod Music Converter
    iRecordMax Sound Recorder
    Magic Audio Converter
    Magic Audio Editor Pro
    Magic Music Factory
    Magic Music Studio Pro
    Magic Music Workshop
    McFunSoft Audio Editor
    McFunSoft Audio Studio
    McFunSoft Video Capture/Convert/Split/Merge/Burn Studio
    Media Wizard
    Movavi Video Converter
    Movavi VideoSuite
    MP3 Audio Converter
    MP3 Audio Recorder
    MP3 Music Editor
    MP3 WAV Converter
    MP3-OGG-WAV-WMA Converter
    Music Editing Master
    Music Fan's Factory
    Naturpic Audio CD Burner
    Naturpic Audio Toolbox
    NCT Audio Editor
    New Live All Media To Mp3 Converter
    Recording to iPod Solution
    Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite
    Smart DVD/CD Burner
    Softdiv CD Ripper
    Softdiv MP3 to WAV Converter
    Video Converter Plus

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    2. %programfiles% Refers to the program files folder. By default it is 'C:\Program Files'
    3. %windir% Refers to the windows root folder. By default it is 'C:\Windows'

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