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What is " unins000.exe "

"unins000.exe" is mostly identified as a safe file.

Summary :
Spyware lib found following issues in this file:-
  • 110 File entries found in software
  • 78 File entries found in different company(s)
  •    Found to be safe       Found to be a threat
    The file "unins000.exe" is known to be created under the following filenames:
    This file can also be found at following location(s) (can also be found with different file name(s)):
    %programfiles%\3b software\windows registry repair pro\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\aarons autowebbrowser\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\absolute sound recorder\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\absolute uninstaller\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\accounts and budget free v5.0\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\adusoft dvd creator\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\adusoft psp video converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\advanced tetric for ppc\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\allok avi to dvd svcd vcd converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\allstar dvd photo slideshow\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\ambient grains trial\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\ams image effects\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\anewsoft mp3 recorder\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\anewsoft video converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\audio cd maker\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\audiomulch 1.0rc1\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\avd filelist 3.0 trial\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\avd slide show 3.0 trial\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\avd video processor 7.6 trial\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\avi mpeg wmv rm to mp3 converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\backup2005 synchronizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\belltech small business publisher\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\blogmatrix sparks!\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\castalia 5\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\citadeldevelopment\imageviewer activex control\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\citadeldevelopment\scannermanager activex control\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\desktop clock\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\direct midi to mp3 converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\drivescan plus\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\dvd shrink\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\dvdfab express\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\easetech\cd to mp3 maker\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\easetech\ease mp3 cd burner\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\easy tagger 2.2\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\erginsoft batch image rotate\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\ff billing manager pro 3\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\gnostice\pdftoolkit trial\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\icon manager\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\lavalys\everest home edition\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\mini-stream\wm downloader\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\music dvd maker\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\nhpicturesort 2\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\nusphere\phped\cse validator lite 65\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\pc power optimizer lite\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\pdf creator pilot 2\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\pdf editor\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\pdf junction\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\photo dvd creator\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\photo dvd slideshow\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\raduga software\organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\registry compressor\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\riva\riva flv player\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\scene machines\living picture maker web edition\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\\image in depth\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\string codes\pattern-making calculator\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\surfingsoft\ultra ad killer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\systweak book organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\systweak game organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\systweak movie organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\systweak mp3 organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\systweak music organizer\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\top pc tools\top pc tools ad & popup blocker\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\trace remover\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\trogladite software\exif shell extension\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\tweaknow powerpack\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\twister mp3\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\ultra rm converter\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\xml marker\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\auto photo editor\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\fun morph\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\magic mirror\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\super audio recorder\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\super screen capture\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\super screen recorder\unins000.exe
    %programfiles%\zeallsoft\zeallsoft audio cd burner\unins000.exe
    This file is found in the following Company's Product(s)
    3B Software Inc.
    ABF software Inc.
    Absolute Software
    ADUSOFT Inc.
    ALAUX Michel
    Allok Soft Inc.
    AMS Software
    AnyDWG Software Inc.
    A-one Software Inc.
    Aquaforest Limited
    Assistance and Resources for Computing Inc.
    AvniTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd
    Belltech Systems LLC.
    BinArtisan LLC
    Black Castle Software
    Citadel Development
    CyberTeam Ltd
    Dvdshrink and ATyC Group
    Etasoft Inc.
    Excellent Technology Exchange LLC
    Fantaisie Software
    Fengtao Software Inc.
    Gameware Development Ltd
    Glarysoft Ltd
    Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited.
    Herbert Fann Software
    India Infoline Securities P Ltd
    J-T-L Development
    Lavalys Consulting Group Inc.
    Linspire Inc.
    M and R Technologies Inc.
    Mini-stream Software
    Mini-Stream Software
    Norbert Heidbuechel
    NuSphere Corporation
    Piston Software
    Promixis LLC
    Rashid Abdulai
    RD Technologies
    Rothenberger and Partner
    Sonic Fritter Pty. Ltd
    String Codes Design
    Surfingsoft Technologies
    Symbol ClickYigal Irani
    Systweak Inc.
    The Game Creators Ltd and Underware Design
    TightVNC Group
    Trogladite Software
    Two Pilots
    TwoDesk Software Company
    Yenicag Bilisim Ltd
    ZeallSoft Inc.
    ZipBackup Inc.
    This file is found in the following Software Application(s):
    5Paisa Trader Terminal
    Aarons AutoWebBrowser
    Absolute Sound Recorder
    Absolute Uninstaller
    Active Multiwallpaper Changer
    Adusoft DVD Creator
    Adusoft PSP Video Converter
    Advanced DVD Player
    Advanced DVD Player Pro
    Advanced Tetris
    AlauxSoft Accounts and Budget Free
    Allok AVI to DVD SVCD Converter
    AllStar DVD Photo Slideshow
    Ambient Grains
    AMS Image Effects
    Anewsoft MP3 Recorder
    Anewsoft Video Converter
    Artisan CD/DVD Burner
    Artisan DVD-DivX Player
    Audio CD Maker
    AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio
    Auto Photo Editor
    Avant DVD/DivX Player
    AVD FileList
    AVD Slide Show
    AVD Video Processor
    AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter
    Backup 2005 Synchronizer
    Belltech Small Business Publisher
    BlogMatrix Sparks!
    Book Organizer
    Castalia for Delphi 2005
    CD to Mp3 Maker
    CD-DVD InDepth
    Desktop Clock
    Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter
    DriveScan Plus
    DVD Shrink
    DVDFab Express
    DWG Converter
    Ease Audio Converter
    Ease MP3 CD Burner
    Easy DVD Ripper & Converter
    Easy Tagger
    Erginsoft Batch Image Rotate
    EVEREST Home Edition
    EXIF ShellExtension
    Extreme Translator
    F-CRC Calculator
    FF Billing Manager Pro Deluxe
    Fun Morph
    Game Organizer
    Gnostice Many2PDF ActiveX/.NET
    Gnostice PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET
    HS VideoCapture
    Icon Manager
    Image In Depth
    ImageMatics StillMotion PE
    ImageViewer ActiveX Control
    Kylix SMS Server
    Living Picture Maker Web Edition
    Magic Mirror
    Movie Organizer
    MP3 Organizer
    MP3 Search Premium
    Music DVD Maker
    Music Organizer
    NH's PictureSort
    NuSphere PhpED
    PC Power Optimizer Lite
    PDF Creator Pilot
    PDF Editor
    PDF Junction
    Photo DVD Creator
    Photo DVD Slideshow
    RA Document Organizer
    Registry Compressor
    Riva FLV Player
    ScannerManager Active X
    ShowSize PE
    SMS Tools
    Stillmotion Web Design
    Super Audio Recorder
    Super Screen Capture
    Super Screen Recorder
    Top PC Tools Ad & Popup Blocker
    Trace Remover
    TreNotes Pack
    TweakNow PowerPack 2005 Professional Edition
    Twister MP3
    Ultimate Paint
    Ultra Ad Killer
    Ultra RM Converter
    Windows Registry Repair Pro
    WM Downloader
    XML Marker
    Zeallsoft Audio CD Burner

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    1. %homepath% Refers to the windows current user's profile folder. By default it is 'C:\Documents and Settings\[user]'
    2. %programfiles% Refers to the program files folder. By default it is 'C:\Program Files'
    3. %systemdrive% Refers to the windows System drive folder. By default it is 'C:\'

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